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Reflections of my Friends

green deluxe gift box set

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Exclusive, high quality bound book with special paper and soft velvet like cover and same colour book marker. The book comes with instructions on how to create your special signature image. When you follow the instructions in the book, your signature turns magically into a fascinating image.

Your deluxe gift box will contain:

  • Book ‘Reflections of my Friends’
  • Smooth wooden pen holder
  • Nib
  • 10ml Lavender perfumed black ink
  • 10ml Bergamot perfumed green ink
  • 10ml Rose perfumed red ink
  • Ink cloth of absorbent material
  • paper to practice on (not visible on picture, as it is situated under the book)

All the items are stored in a high quality, sturdy, handmade box lined with Victorian watersilk paper.

The environment friendly Paperfoam tray in the handmade box will keep your book, extra paper, pen holder, nib, ink and cloth safely in its place.

We despatch the deluxe gift box in a sturdy carton box via Royal Mail.